Spokesperson for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Sandi Logan, has claimed on twitter that no children are detained behind barbed wire. The claim comes over a year after the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship promised that children would be released from detention.

Photos (see below) obtained today (Tuesday 15 May) by the Refugee Action Coalition from the Darwin Airport Lodge, where a large number of children are detained, indicate that Mr Logan’s comments are not correct and that shamefully children are still locked up behind barbed wire.

Refugee Action Coalition spokesperson Ian Rintoul stated, “Sandi Logan either has no idea about the reality facing children in detention or he has been caught lying. It does raise the question of where Sandi Logan gets his information. Perhaps he is spending too much time in Canberra? Children remained detained behind barbed wire and a number in Darwin have been in detention for over a year.”

“Sandi Logan is attempting to maintain the fiction that Alternate Places of Detention are not detention centres, euphemistically calling them “facilities” but these facilities are toxic. Barbed wire or not, APODs are detention centres with all the despair and self-harm that goes along with them.

“At Easter, protesters saw for themselves the evidence of self harmed bodies of children. We also received a note from a 10 year-old child saying that they had cut themselves three times in the year that they had been in detention. In late April a letter to the Australian public from a Vietnamese child revealed her suffering in detention. The Australia Medical Association has described the detention of children in immigration detention as a form of child abuse.

“Perhaps Sandi Logan can’t deal with the truth at all. The Minister should sack Sandi Logan for peddling myths; sack himself as the guardian of unaccompanied minors and act immediately to get children out of detention.”

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

Photo of Darwin note from child available on request.

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