From the RRAN WA website:

Refugee Rights Action Network (RRAN) is a political activists group who believes that asylum seekers should not be held in detention centres but welcomed into the community. We criticise the Australian government for its inhumane treatment of asylum seekers.

RRAN does a variety of work to try and reveal the many problems of mandatory detention. We host bus trips to remote detention centres to allow people to visit asylum seekers and to breach the out of sight, out of mind ideology behind their placement in remote desert areas and to show the people inside that there are people in the Australian community who care about them.

Another project we undertake is fundraising to send dictionaries to asylum seekers in detention as they are not necessarily provided to them already and they often do not have full access to them.

The other component of our work is to leak to the media what is going on inside to make sure there is transparency both in the government and in SERCO, the private corporation that runs the centres.

If you have information from inside detention please contact us via our ‘contact us’ tab.

If you are a refugee in detention and would like a dictionary please email us your name, ID number and centre via the contact us page.

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