Refugee rights groups from around the country will be converging on Yongah Hill Detention Centre on the ANZAC day long weekend, 2013, to protest against the mandatory detention of asylum seekers.

We have seen politicians engage in a race to the bottom in refugee policy. With the re-introduction of offshore processing and the situation in Nauru becoming increasingly worse now is the time to express public outcry at this abhorrent policy.

Asylum seekers on Nauru have been on hunger strike for several days now, including an Iranian who has been on hunger strike for 32 days.

We have seen countless times over, that mandatory detention destroys people and we have seen time and time again that a policy of deterrance does not work.

Help us fight for a humane refugee policy and to show solidarity with asylum seekers protesting in detention.

Watch this space or the corresponding Facebook events page for updates and further details.

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