While there’s still more to do, we’ve just imported over 1,200 incidents from the ‘Detention Logs’ database into our system. And while they are disturbing in and of itself, the records obtained under FOI by the ‘Detention Logs‘ project seems to contain a lot of misclassifications — apparently some Serco or DIAC employees think that self-harm by attempted hangings, overdosing or ingestion of points aren’t actual incidents, they’re just threats of self harm.

Many thanks must go to the DL people for obtaining and releasing this information, but if we want to get a better picture of what’s going on in our detention centres, we also need people to go through the raw data to look for inconsistencies (and to submit further FOI requests to clarify these incidents). If you’re interested in doing this, please let us know — there’s no sense in duplicating our efforts.

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