Refugee Rights Watch is a project of the Refugee Rights Network to gather and track reports of incidents and abuses involving asylum seekers and refugees within the Australian immigration system. Its goal is to capture and aggregate reports and information already on the public record, where possible, and to complement those reports with information obtained from asylum seekers, advocates, activists and legal representatives when that is not possible.

Plans for this Site

At the moment, the watch site is in the early stages of user testing. While it should be reasonably usable and stable, this does mean that the following may be changed based upon user feedback:

  • incident categories and their descriptions;
  • the fields and kinds of information requested on the report submission page; and
  • the look and feel of the site itself.

Also on our to-do list are the following things:

  • modifications to the ‘Download Reports’ module so all public fields can be downloaded by members and non-members alike;
  • modifications to the system so evidentiary documents can be uploaded while making the report;
  • better support for mobile devices and web browsers;
  • moving the watch site from using unencrypted http to the more secure https; and
  • the creation of documentation and tutorial videos that explain how to file reports and query the system.

And if you would like to help with any of the above — particularly if you have coding and/or design experience — please let us know; you can also learn more about the project (and download a snapshot of this site) here.